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  • A sectional view is obtained making an imaginary cut through the part, and by drawing the features on the cut surface, as shown in Figure 18. In a drawing, the exposed or cut surfaces are identified by section lining, or crosshatching.Section Views tutorial in AutoCAD with videoVideo: Section Views. Review of Level 1: Everything in this Level will be used in your day to day CAD work. These are the basics that you will draw upon as you advance your skills. You have learned the how the coordinate system works and how to enter points so .Cross Section | Definition of Cross Section by Merriam-WebsterDefinition of cross section for English Language Learners. : a view or drawing that shows what the inside of something looks like after a cut has been made across it. : a small group that includes examples of the different types of people or things in a larger group.

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    Mar 29, 2019 · The Section view is a dissection of the structure, as if it were sliced through vertically than opened up so you can see what is inside. 5 This view is called a Detail.What is cross-sectional view? definition and meaning ...Definition of cross-sectional view: Sliced view of a part or component in a drawing showing its internal make up.Section Views tutorial in AutoCAD with video - myCADsiteTopics covered in this Lesson: Section View Drawing Techniques Putting your skills to use with Section Views. In drafting there are a times where you need to give a lot of information, but not all of the views are helping to get your message across.

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    of or relating to a section: a sectional view of the machine. noun a sofa composed of several independent sections that can be arranged individually or in various combinations.Definition of Longitudinal section - MedicineNetDec 12, 2018 · Longitudinal section: A section that is cut along the long axis of a structure. Longitudinal section is the opposite of cross-section.What is cross section? - Definition from WhatIs1) A cross section is a cut through something (such as a coaxial cable) at an angle perpendicular to its axis in order to view its interior structure. A well-known example is a cross section of a tree that shows its growth rings and tells its age.Removed sections - Drafting Reference Training ManualsViews, Continued Removed sections A removed section is a section or partial section not directly projected from the view containing the cutting plane and not revolved or turned from its normal orientation. A removed section does not align with any other view, but, sometimes appears on centerlines extended from the section cuts.The Definition and Use of a Cross-Sectional StudyThink of a cross-sectional study as a snapshot of a particular group of people at a given point in time. Unlike longitudinal studies that look at a group of people over an extended period, cross-sectional studies are used to describe what is happening at the present moment.ME210 - Engineering Design GraphicsHalf Section Drawing of the Collet Fixture. The half section is shown in the front view. The part of the object that is solid at the cutting plane is shown crosshatched in the front. The part of the object that is hollow at the cutting plane is not croshatched, but the visible .

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